Instructions for Users

4 Activities

As you saw from the icons in Chapter 2, there is a variety of activities that you can participate in.

To make the most of your learning it is recommended that you:

  • participate in forum discussions - as this will help you connect with other learners
  • complete the assessment activities - these are based on the learning content that you have be provided (either online content or hard copy content)
  • view the glossary - so that you become familiar with the specific language and jargon associated with the topic
  • complete the database activity - this helps build up information about the topic and it could also be used as part of your assessment
  • watch the 'scorm' video - as this will have relevant information on the topic
  • complete the lesson - as this will help you put the content into context
  • complete the quiz - this will help you determine how much you know.

Whilst there may appear to be a lot of activities, each one is carefully selected to help you on your learning journey. As this is an online component, there is no need to complete every thing in one are able to take your time, as long as you complete everything by the required date.