Instructions for Users

3 Navigation

The first thing that needs to be noted about the navigation within moodle is that you never ever use the browser back arrow. As a learner you will be asked to complete activities and upload files, even if you have clicked on the 'Save changes' button, then use the browser back arrow to navigate back to a previous page, you run the risk of wiping everything you have just done. The browser back arrow acts the same as 'Ctrl z' on your keyboard - it's not always a good thing.

When you log in - you are directed to the 'Front Page' this will have a list of courses that are available. Click on 'My courses' to see the course you are enrolled in. If no courses appear in the list, you may need to contact your Trainer or enrol yourself into the appropriate course.

To enrol yourself you can:

  • click on 'Site home' (under Navigation) to see a list of all the courses


  • click on 'Find courses' (top menu bar)

To enter the course - click on the course name

Then click 'enrol'