Instructions for Users

2 Icons

Throughout this site you will see a variety of icons, it doesn't matter which course you are doing, the icons will all have the same meaning and use. The icons on the site are 'clickable', that is you need to click on the icons or the text beside the icons to access the activity and/or information.


 'Assignment' This will allow you to upload files or write online to complete an assessment.
'Chat' This is a synchronous (live) chat room. Generally, there will be a set time for you to access.
'Database' This is an activity that will have set fields for you to complete. 
'Feedback' This is your opportunity to tell us how we can improve your learning experience

'Forum' Unlike 'Chat' the forum can be accessed at any time. Generally, there will be some questions for you to answer and discuss with the other learners

'Glossary' This contains a list of words, phrases, acronyms etc relevant to the subject. Always worth looking at as it will help you familiarize yourself with language and jargon commonly used.
'Lesson' This is an activity that will take you through some learning content which may have questions for you to answer embedded in it.
'Quiz' This is an activity for you to complete, the quiz can be made up of a variety of question types.
'SCORM' This is a video/animation for you to view. It can contain information and activities for you to complete.
'Wiki' This works the same way as Wikipedia, in that you can add and edit content.
 'Workshop' This is an activity where you will be required to 'do' something (either write about something or answer specific questions'. You may then need to view some other learners work and provide feedback and grade their work - known as 'peer evaluation'.


'Book' Something for you to read, usually information that is broken down into chapters.
'Page' Something for you to look at, it may contain links to articles, have video embedded or images for you to view. After you have read/viewed, you may be directed to complete one of the above activities.